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Honeybuzzard - Angela Carter That Honeybuzzard, the title character of Angela Carter’s first novel, imagines himself partaking of Lewis Carroll’s Queen of Hearts’ favorite pastime, is surely no accident. Honeybuzzard is a wild ride through a grotesque wonderland where the sordid and mundane glow with a menacing otherworldliness. It’s a claustrophobic story set in squalid pubs, lightless (and loveless) bedrooms, abandoned Edwardian homes, and a desiccated junk shop in a small English city. The gray dullness of its setting is illuminated by Honeybuzzard, one of the junk shop’s proprietors, who has a penchant for wigs, fake noses, straw boaters, Victoriana, and cruelty. Morris, Honey’s partner in the junk shop (and much else), is equally repelled and attracted by Honeybuzzard’s antics, and morally tormented by his own complicity in the crime at the novel’s heart.... more ...